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Yes! Spring Turn-Ons Are Underway!
Hydro-Tech's spring service includes installing backflow prevention, system pressurization, leak checks, head operation and adjustments, controller programming for spring, and advising on needed repairs or modifications.
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New Lawn Irrigation System Installations
Smart, Water-Saving Irrigation Systems that Keep Your Landscaping Healthy and Green from the DMV's Irrigation leader for over 30 years.
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Landscape Lighting Installation & Design Services
Upgrade Your Property with Professional Landscape Lighting Installation and Design. Schedule a Free Consultation Today.
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Irrigation System Renovations & Repair Services
Upgrade, expand and modernize your existing irrigation system. Free evaluation and Irrigation System Consulting from our certified irrigation professionals.
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Why Hydro-Tech Irrigation

At Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co., we specialize in irrigation solutions, enhancing landscapes with outdoor lighting, and solving water issues with yard drainage solutions. Our precision-driven approach caters to a diverse clientele, including contractors, homeowners, and government across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

New Irrigation Systems

New Lawn Irrigation Systems from DMV’s Leading Irrigation Company.
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Irrigation System Repairs

Lawn Irrigation Repairs from DMV’s Leading Irrigation Company.
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Smart Irrigation Technology

Smart Irrigation Technology for Water Savings and Efficiency.
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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing and Certification Services.
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Winterization Services

Winterization Services that Protects Your Lawn Sprinkler and Home.
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Spring Turn-On Services

Spring Turn-On Services from DMV’s Irrigation Leader.
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Yard Drainaige Solutions

Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. offers comprehensive yard drainage solutions in Northern Virginia to eliminate puddles, soggy lawns, and erosion. Our professionals provide in-person evaluations, custom design, and fast installation to fix standing water problems and soil conditions. Whether it's downspout drainage or landscape protection, we provide effective and cost-effective solutions that enhance your outdoor living. Say goodbye to waterlogged lawns and muddy messes – consult with our experts and schedule a free consultation today.

Spring Turn-On Services

You can learn about our Irrigation Spring Turn-On Services to prepare your lawn and garden for spring. Existing customers can schedule their appointment online here, or call 703-263-2266. During spring turn-on service, Hydro-Tech will install your backflow prevention device (if applicable), pressurize your system, check for leaks, check head operation, adjust heads if needed, program your controller for appropriate spring watering times, and advise the homeowner of any necessary repairs or modifications that may be needed. 

Awards & Partnerships

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