Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome BG Outdoors Services Customers!

We welcome you to Hydro-Tech Irrigation Company and are excited to provide you with exceptional irrigation expertise and excellent customer service. We cover the full range of irrigation services, from installation and services plans to repair, maintenance and renovation offerings. 

Please read the frequently asked questions below, and know you can always call us at 703-263-2266 or fill our our BGOS customer contact form for additional assistance.  

Q: Who is Hydro-Tech Irrigation Company (HTI)?

A: Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. (HTI) was founded 33 years ago in Northern Virginia. We specialize in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial, residential and athletic field irrigation sprinkler systems throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and the entire D.C. Metro area. Our certified, expert technicians and installers use quality parts provided by Hunter, Rainbird, Toro and Irritrol. We firmly believe in delivering the highest quality services and ongoing excellence in customer service and have made significant investments in staff, training, processes and technology to achieve these goals. With over 20,000 active irrigation customers, we’re one of the largest in the area and aim to be the best sprinkler company you’ve ever contracted for ongoing services and installations.

Q: Why did Hydro-Tech (HTI) acquire BG Outdoor Services’ (BGOS) irrigation services business assets?

A: The two companies have been friendly competitors in the past, and the HTI management team believes that adding BGOS’ leadership and staff to our organization will provide improved services and communication for BGOS’ customers and support our growth strategies in the D.C. Metro area.

Q: When will this transaction take place?

A: The transaction acquiring assets related to BGOS’ irrigation services business closed on August 1, 2023.

Q: How does this transaction affect me?

A: Your account will now be serviced by Hydro-Tech. Our large team of customer service, installation and technical staff is now even stronger with the addition of former BGOS employees who you already know and who know your systems. You will enjoy the improved ability to contact our customer service team by phone and to schedule your spring turn-on and winterizations via our online system. HTI makes scheduling other repair and maintenance and backflow inspection services easy with a simple phone call. We are working hard to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible for all our customers.

Q: I usually receive a renewal notice from BGOS in (April/August/December). Does HTI operate on the same billing schedule?

Hydro-Tech sends renewal notifications to all of our customers each August. We will send an email notification regarding the annual renewal to former BG customers whose service plans were previously renewed during April and August. Those notifications may include a notice to use our online self-scheduler if you were a BGOS Annual Service Plan customer or information on contacting our dedicated customer service team if you were a BGOS Enhanced No-Fault Plan customer in early August 2023.

If your renewal date is in December, or you purchased a plan earlier in the year that includes a 2023 Winterization service, we will offer an opportunity to sign up for a Spring Turn-on service on an a la carte basis with discounted pricing. This will ensure you are included in our next annual renewal cycle in August 2024 with the ability to self-schedule your appointments.

All BGOS customers will or already have received a letter from our Customer Service and Irrigation Service department managers that provides further details on this process.

Q: My irrigation system was installed by BGOS. What happens to my warranty?

A: HTI will honor all active BGOS warranties. Please contact HTI customer service for any warranty questions and service requests.

Q: I prepaid BGOS for a winterization service due later in 2023. Who will provide that service?

A: HTI will provide the existing irrigation system winterization as contracted through BGOS. You will receive additional information and instructions regarding scheduling your winterization service shortly.

Q: I have an open repair work order with BGOS. Who will complete that job?

A: If your repair work order is incomplete on or after August 1, 2023, it will be completed by HTI technicians, which includes former BGOS techs who have joined our team. We have information about your sprinkler system and its components from BGOS, so you should find a seamless transition in this area.

Q: Who will install my sprinkler if I entered into a contract with BGOS that is incomplete?

A: If your sprinkler installation is incomplete on or after August 1, 2023, it will be completed by HTI technicians, which includes former BGOS techs who have joined our team. We will reach out to affected installation customers with more information soon.

Q: Does HTI offer similar annual sprinkler service plans similar to BGOS plans?

A: Yes, HTI offers a Basic Service Plan similar to BGOS’ Annual Service Plan and a Plus Service Plan similar to BGOS’ Enhanced No-Fault Plan. Note that zone-based pricing differs from that of BGOS. Please review our sprinkler service plans brochure or contact us for further information.

Q: Will there be any changes to the service technician and customer service teams I interacted with at BGOS?

A: Hydro-Tech has hired all staff and technician team members from BGOS who wanted to join our company. We’re excited to have them as part of the expanded HTI team. Please note that HTI may assign prior BGOS technicians or HTI techs to service your account.

Q: Will BG Outdoor Services continue operating its other business lines, such as landscape lighting and drainage services?

A: No, BGOS will no longer offer those services. Hydro-Tech offers landscape lighting system installation and services through our sister company, Illuminata Lighting and we are ready and able to provide those services to you. We will also be providing expert drainage services as we have hired the team leaders and crew from BGOS’ drainage department to continue that offering.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions not answered on this FAQ page?

A: Please call our customer service line at (703) 263-2266, option 3 with any questions.
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