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Eliminate Puddles, Soggy Lawns and Erosion

Muddy Lawn, Begone:
Yard Drainage Solutions Solve Your Surface Water Woes

A waterlogged lawn, muddy kids or pets, standing water ruining your landscape beds, water pooling near your foundation, soil erosion, mosquito invasions during summer … sound familiar?

When soggy lawns prevent you from enjoying your property, Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. is ready to improve your outdoor living experience. We evaluate, diagnose, design and install long-lasting, cost-effective solutions that solve stormwater runoff and downspout drainage issues so you can get back to enjoying your yard once more.

Hydro-Tech Solves Your Landscape Drainage Problems

In-person Property Evaluation & Diagnosis

Our professional drainage experts analyze your property’s landscape features, water retention and downspout  issues and erosion concerns with an onsite evaluation to determine the best solution to fix your lawn and planting beds.

Free Estimate & Customized Lawn Drainage Solution Design

Our experts provide an estimate your customize designed, long-term drainage solution that redirects water collecting near the home and solves standing water that causes soggy lawns and ruined landscaping beds.

Fast, Expert & Cost-Effective Installation

Our experienced drainage professionals, modern techniques and materials help us quickly and cost-effectively install the best solution to immediately reduce and prevent the yard drainage issues plaguing your property for years to come.

Consult with our experts to solve your lawn puddling, excess downspout runoff and standing water problems today.

Say goodbye to standing water and muddy footprints – contact us today.

Explore Hydro-Tech Irrigation's Yard Drainage Solution Offerings

EZ-Flow® French Drain

Prevent Standing Water in Swales & Low Spots

Our EZ-Flow® gravel-free alternative to traditional French Drain systems collects surface water plaguing your lawn and distributes it into the subsoil. This solution ensures your property is not over-saturated after rain and snow storms subside. The reduction of excess water helps ensure healthy turf instead of muddy paws and shoes.

Rid Yourself of a Soggy, Muddy Lawn

Eliminate consistently wet areas of your lawn with an effective, long-lasting, attractive drainage solution that also enhances your property’s appearance. The versatile River Jack Channel Drain helps move water away from highly saturated areas, while also connecting to downspout and EZ-Flow® solutions to provide immediate surface water reduction over a large surface area.

River Jack Channel Drain

Stormwater Management Solutions

Improve Poor Soil Drainage Conditions and Prevent Erosion

Our Flo-Well® stormwater retention system captures excess water so it can slowly leach into the soil instead of oversaturating your yard. This solution guards the health of your lawn and plantings against root rot, disease and fungus. It also protects the stability of your walkways and reduces soil erosion that would otherwise compound the problem.

Reduce Excessive Water from Downspouts

Connecting your downspout to a custom-designed underground piping system with a built-in catch basin diverts water safely away from your foundation. This prevents groundwater from pooling next to your home which leads to cracked foundation and basement walls and impacts your home’s structural integrity. These cracks allow water in, damaging walls and floors and allowing mold and mildew growth. Protect your home with our lasting downspout runoff solutions.

Downspout Drainage Solutions

Catch Basins & Atrium Grates

Eliminate Standing Water in Planting Areas

Installing catch basins and atrium grates protects root systems from rot by drawing water away from garden and landscape areas prone to puddling. Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. helps you overcome poor drainage conditions which are worsened by shallow root systems and Virginia’s red clay soils to cultivate a beautiful landscape.

Customized, Long-lasting Outdoor Drainage Solutions

Highly trained professionals analyze, diagnose and recommend long-lasting solutions to stormwater runoff and downspout drainage issues that affect lawns and your outdoor enjoyment.

Improve Lawn &
Landscape Drainage

Prevent Standing Water &
Soggy Lawns

Reduce Mosquito Infestation &
Lawn Disease Conditions

Protect Walkway Stability & Prevent Foundation Cracking

Why Choose Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co.

30+ Years of Experience Solving Northern Virginia’s Irrigation & Drainage Challenges

Our team has decades of experience diagnosing, designing and installation drainage solutions. This allow us to quickly provide a well-designed and competitively priced solution specific to your property

Yard Drainage System &
Soil Conservation Experts

We know the region’s soil composition, water retention problems and weather patterns and combined with hands-on experience we devise workable, long-lasting drainage systems for NOVA properties

Custom Drainage Solution
Design & Installation

Professionally designed, long-lasting solutions tailored exclusively to your property’s drainage needs to effectively reduce surface water issues impacting your landscape and home

What Our Customers are Saying

Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. Works for You

Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. has been a trusted name in commercial and residential irrigation systems for over 30 years. Specializing in innovative irrigation solutions, we also now offer residential yard drainage services, powered by our team of industry experts. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us a leading choice for all your irrigation and drainage needs.

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