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Since 1991 Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. has been specializing in residential and commercial irrigation. Over the years, Hydro-Tech’s process for the installation of sprinkler systems has been customized for each individual home or commercial property and landscape design. An irrigation installation begins with the design and is carried through to the set-up of each sprinkler head, the location of the control valves, the installation of the pipe and the mounting of the controller and rain sensor. At Hydro-Tech we use state-of-the-art pipe laying equipment to ensure that most residential irrigation systems are installed in just one day with minimal signs of lawn disturbance. Contact us today to discuss your irrigation needs and let us design a system that will deliver optimum performance.

Residential Irrigation

After 30 years of being in the irrigation business, Hydro-Tech has installed over 17,000 residential lawn irrigation systems. We pride ourselves on water sensitive designs along with quality materials and workmanship. We work hand in hand with landscapers, builders, and homeowners on new construction projects as well as existing lawns and landscapes.

Commercial Irrigation Systems

With over 30 years of commercial irrigation experience, Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. has designed and completed a wide range of commercial irrigation projects. Through the years Hydro-Tech has become a leader in the commercial irrigation market with projects including but not limited to municipalities, sports fields, construction projects, new buildings, water treatment facilities, golf courses, and schools.

Why should you consider an irrigation system?

  • You’ll Save Time: Your system will do it for you automatically
  • You’ll Save Water: Your system will be controlled by the latest technology that will not only automatically turn it on and off but it will even detect the amount of rainfall and shutoff the system in the event of excessive rain.
  • You’ll save money: Not only will your system deliver the proper amount of water to just the right areas but your landscaping will thrive and flourish due to the consistently adequate watering at optimal times during the day.
  • You’ll Rest Easy: Knowing that your system was installed and serviced by one of the oldest and most respected companies in the industry.

Sprinkler installations should always be done by a licensed professional to keep your landscaping in premium condition without drowning your plants or flooding your property. Call the irrigation specialists in Virginia today to schedule your FREE estimate on a new sprinkler and irrigation installation or reroutes.

We locate all buried utilities. Each system is custom designed by a licensed irrigator for maximum efficiency and uniform coverage. Head-to-head coverage is guaranteed and any dry spots are covered by our warranty.

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