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Why Why Hydro-Tech Irrigation is NOVA’s Leader in Irrigation System Design & Installation

30+ Years of Sprinkler System Installation Experience

Thousands of successful commercial and residential irrigation system installations of all sizes and designs, ready to go for optimal use

Certified Irrigation Contractors with Water Conservation Expertise

Water conservation experts dedicated to reducing water waste with expertly designed systems offering precise irrigation for property needs

Trusted by NOVA Families to Provide Superior In-ground Sprinkler Systems

Top-notch system selection, design, installation, maintenance and repair from certified sprinkler technicians for customer satisfaction

What Our Customers are Saying

Hydro-Tech Irrigation Delivers Custom Designed, Affordable, Water-Saving Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Save Time & Water Wisely

Regain your leisure time with an automatic irrigation system precisely designed for your property that uses water responsibly. Water-smart irrigation systems remove the chore of dragging a hose around your property, and also use 70% less water than manual efforts.

Cultivate a Beautiful Lawn and Landscape

Achieve your lawn and landscape goals with an in-ground sprinkler system customized to your current watering needs and future vision. Reduce runoff and soil erosion while also bringing your home’s exterior to life and showing off your beautiful taste in landscape design.

Enhance Home Value With High Quality Irrigation Systems

Hydro-Tech Irrigation has carefully analyzed the market to ensure the lawn sprinkler systems we design and install are built to last. We install high quality, professional-grade systems, employing highly trained and properly trained sprinkler system technicians.

Professional Design, Installation & Maintenance

Experienced irrigation professionals analyze your property’s irrigation needs, then design a customized system that targets those watering specifications. Our careful workmanship during installation, extensive expertise and maintenance services ensure your finely tuned system automatically provides the right amount of water at the optimal time.

Our Sprinkler Design & Installation Process

The Science of Irrigation Combined with the Art of Environmentally Conscious Design

We listen to your irrigation goals, current watering challenges and budget considerations, then guide you through the expectations and process of the planning, design, installation and trouble-free operation of an in-ground sprinkler system.

After the initial consultation, our experienced sprinkler system design consultants use their vast knowledge of irrigation systems technology to deliver a fully custom designed sprinkler system that will achieve your current and future irrigation goals.

Our professional lawn irrigation consultants are experts at designing an irrigation system that not only performs well, but also fits your budget while delivering the desired results.

BG Outdoor Services has successfully installed thousands of lawn sprinkler systems – from small residential to commercial – throughout Northern Virginia. Our best practices-based installation process ensures that the designed system will perform optimally and last for many years. BG Outdoor Services’ certified installation technicians follow documented policies and all permitting and inspections procedures before, during and after the installation process. Our team stays in touch with you to schedule and coordinate the process in order to limit disruptions and answer all your questions.

To enjoy the maximum benefits from your new lawn sprinkler and irrigation system, our technician provides a detailed hands-on learning session to teach you everything you need to know about operating your new system.

Our company performs the required bi-annual services: spring activation and fall winterization, and can tune and adjust sprinkler heads as needed over the years. BG Outdoor Services offers online service notification and confirmation, and you can contact our locally based customer service representatives via phone, email or our online contact form.

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