Outdoor Landscape Lighting serving
The Entire DMV

Enjoy Extended Time Outdoors
with Family & Friends

Operate Anytime, Anywhere with Smart Device Controls

Trust in Hydro-Tech's Landscape Lighting

We pride ourselves on delivering stunning lighting atmospheres for your home, landscape, trees, pools and more. 

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30+ Years Serving DMV Homeowners

Our decades of local landscape lighting experience helps thousands of families realize how they most want to enjoy their property so we can deliver the outdoor lighting solution they need

Beautiful, Durable Top-tier Lighting Systems with Extensive Features

Enjoy long-lasting, remote-controllable systems that will highlight your deck, pathways, architecture and landscape for many years to come in the style of your choosing

Professionally Designed and Installed LED Lighting Systems

Popular pre-designed, ready-to-install packages and customized systems designed by our certified landscape lighting designer for the homeowner’s aesthetic tastes and preferences get professionally installed and programmed by trained lighting technicians

Benefits of Outdoor, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Offers Beauty & Enjoyment of Your Outdoors

Illuminate your deck, pathways, driveway and property with beautiful, tastefully chosen lighting that highlights the best of your landscape. Your enjoyment of your property will not end with the sunset as you host outdoor gatherings and relax on peaceful nights in your yard and deck.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Increases Safety & Security

Enjoy added security and safety with our well-designed, customized outdoor landscape lighting. Improve the ability to walk around safely while reducing the chance of trips and falls after dark for you, your family and guests. Reduce the chance of being targeted for burglary with a well-lit landscape.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting is Incredibly Efficient

Low voltage LED landscape lighting systems offer beautiful illumination of your home and landscape’s best features with low energy, maintenance and service requirements. Replace inefficient halogen or incandescent landscape lighting systems with efficient low voltage systems.

Landscape Lighting Increases Your Home's Value

Dramatic, beautiful and breathtaking outdoor lighting effects that increase curb appeal and add value to your home are very affordable. Our professional designers are experts at creating your desired landscape lighting in Northern VA, within your budget for an eye-catching, durable investment.

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