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Common Problems with Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

No matter if Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. installed your irrigation system or if it was installed by another company, Hydro-Tech will be more than happy to review, repair or maintain your existing lawn sprinkler system. Below are a few of the most common irrigation issues. If you are experiencing any of these in your yard, give us a call to schedule an appointment for a service technician to review and repair your system.

Patchy Grass? You Need a Repair

One of the most common complaints with sprinkler or irrigation systems is that there is uneven water distribution, which usually results in patchy grass. You may have areas of really green, thick, soft grass and then there are dead spots of orange or yellow dry grass. We have the solution! Our sprinkler and irrigation specialists can evaluate your system and determine where the problem starts.

No Repair Is Too Complex

You might be wondering if Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co., can handle your repair. Let us assure you, we can! We have more than 30 years of experience serving residential and commercial clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. We are familiar with common soil and land problems in this area and we know what solutions work for what type of problems. Whether you are dealing with 50 acres or 50 square feet of green space, we have the solutions you need for a reliable irrigation system (or sprinkler system) repair.

Get in Touch With Hydro-Tech

We are here to answer any of your irrigation related questions. Call us directly to talk to a friendly customer service representative from our company to schedule a service appointment  (703) 263-2266 .

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