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May 2023 By Jamie Vroom
Compliments to Johnny! Very impressed with his trouble shooting skills. He moved a couple of heads that were under performing (due to vegetation growth and has really improved water distribution. As always, THANK YOU!
May 2023 by Artemis Sakell
I wanted to send along some notes for the service I received today. Brad & John were the techs who were sent out. They were incredibly knowledgeable, polite, worked incredibly hard, and answered all my questions – and I had a lot of questions. They really should be acknowledged for the extra effort to make me a happy customer and a customer who is planning to spend more money on upgrades in the future based on the customer service received today. Please share my thanks for a job well done!
April 2023 by Brad Apostolakis
Thanks for sending Oscar and his assistant here this morning. Both of them did an excellent job. They figured out that the problem was caused by some rotor heads and maybe a valve. I’m not sure of the exact cause, but at least it wasn’t a broken pipe. I thanked Oscar and his assistant. However, I’d appreciate your letting them know that I told you I am very happy with their work. They are a credit to Hydro-Tech.
April 2023 by JC Cantrell
This morning the Hydro-Tech team arrived at my house within minutes of their expected arrival. Carlos was leading the team, and with him was Christopher. They are great reps of the Hydro-Tech company. No problems opening my system. Carlos refreshed my memory on a couple of owner/operator tips related to operations and care of my irrigation system. They were efficient and very pleasant. Thank you Carlos and Christopher. Thank you Hydro-Tech
April 2023 by D. Todhunter

Thank you so much. I love this system! Gilberto did a great job of going over all the features and I promise not to mess with any of the settings he asked me not to touch! 😊

The entire crew did a great job! 5 stars to everyone!

May 2021 by Jack Catton

I want to compliment Chris, the Hydro-Tech technician that came to make some changes to my irrigation system today. He was extremely knowledgeable, polite, and professional. Hydro-tech has an all-star performer in Chris. Please let him know how grateful we are for the fantastic job he did today. Thanks!

May 2021 By William Anthony
Hydro-Tech is the best company to install and maintain your sprinkler system. On May, 12, 2021, I was having a leaking valve problem with my system. Hydro-Tech sent sent Chris to fix the issue. Chris provided excellent customer service by answering all my questions and he explained in great detail some of the common issues encountered with a sprinkler system. He was able to find 2 leaking valves and then repaired them. Hydro-Tech is lucky to have such a super knowledgeable, professional, and customer service focused person on their team.
April 2020 by Reagan
This morning, Edwin came for the annual “Spring Turn On”. When I greeted him at the door, my first comment was “Good morning, and I was hoping you were going to be the one coming this morning. You are the best.” He is indeed the best. Edwin greeted me with his signature smile, that would light up the world. He is congenial, an excellent communicator, and very client focused. More than this, Edwin is a consummate professional. He is efficient, incredibly thorough (I never have to worry if a zone or a hose bib has missed his critical eye), and if there is a problem he can evaluate it, communicate the issue to the client, and solve it. Though I have had the system for well over 10 years, Edwin is always patient with my questions and takes the time to review my “programming.” In a matter of seconds he can detect any error (user error – not equipment error). If I was to give a score – he would receive the top and highest rating. Rarely do you see such outstanding technical acumen and intellectual knowledge, combined with extraordinary interpersonal skills and a client focused approach. Hydro-Tech is fortunate to have such a consummate professional as a member of their team. Respectfully submitted,
April 2020 by Jeff
We would highly recommend hydro-tech. Chris was very helpful from the beginning with a fair estimate that was much better than others we received. The crew that did the installation did a phenomenal job. I was worried about tearing up the grass, but they were so clean you could hardly tell they did any work at all. The tech that came to show us how to use the app and do a check of the system was also very professional. He checked the entire system and made minor adjustments to ensure the sprinklers were hitting every spot of our yard, including repacking one sprinkler head that was a little off. I highly recommend Hydro-Tech.
March 2020 by Anonymous
Working with David, Mike, and Juan and company has been an absolute pleasure. I used another company at a previous residence years ago and their work and follow up customer service was nothing compared to Hydro-Tech; I am so thankful I switched companies! Last summer I met with David and he thoroughly explained everything; his pricing was extremely competitive and fair. Installation was extremely professional; the crew did a fantastic job. But it is the follow up that truly distinguishes this company over their competition. They pride themselves on making sure the customer is happy and making sure the system provides the correct coverage. I can’t recommend these guys enough!
September 2019 by Monument Place HOA
Cynthia calling on behalf of Monument Place HOA, “I want to commend and highly congratulate Hydro- Tech on the work performed recently. Edwin was here with his team member and he just did super outstanding work. I really appreciate it. Everybody recognizes it here, and I just want to applaud and thank you for the outstanding work and superb customer service. Thank you.”
May 2019 by Robert Aldrich
On May 2, 2019, we had our Spring Turn On service completed by Chris Clifford. We had several problems with sprinkler heads which he fixed. He had a very pleasant attitude and was very accommodating to ensure with were pleased with all adjustments. Chris is an excellent representative for your company.
March 2019 by Susan Piccolo
We recently had our irrigation system renovated by Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. and were extremely pleased with the entire process. Chris came out and explained our options noting ways we can improve the efficiency of our irrigation system. Chris was professional and courteous, and listened and thoroughly addressed my questions. The work was done in a timely manner and Jose and his work partner were very careful to not damage any of the landscaping plants. I would recommend Hydro-Tech Irrigation Co. to anyone looking to install or update their irrigation system. You will be very pleased with the service.
April 2019 by Mark Maslyn
Had the system installed last year and just had the spring turn-on service yesterday. Technician Chris did a great job! Made several adjustments, answered all of my questions, and walked me through the mechanics once again and the app. Very pleased!
April 2019 by Jennifer Swain
Have been using Hydro-Tech since our house was built in 2017. At today’s spring start-up, an issue from installation was caught by Jose Munoz. He totally fixed the issue, not just temporarily, and then finished the start-up. I was very impressed with his technical skills and being able to fix the problem without having to come back. Highly recommend him and hope he will continue to be our service technician in the future.
April 2019 by Wil Cusano
Hydro-Tech is simply the best! look nowhere else for irrigation and lighting solutions and maintenance. I’ve been using Hydro-Tech for 6 yrs for both my irrigation and landscape lighting. Their customer service is outstanding, their workmanship is the best, and the whole organization is professional and does everything to make the customer pleased. I’m writing this today because I’m expanding my system and it never ceases to amaze me how great a company Hydro-Tech is…especially in a day and age where that is becoming less and less common. special shout out to Chris and Mike for being consistently outstanding
April 2019 by Joan Ferraris

Billy McDonald is our salesperson. We installed two years ago and he is still totally reliable and responsive.

April 2019 by Christian Garin

This job was to replace a sprinkler head that had been accidently damaged by a contractor working next door to us. Hydro-Tech was quick to call me to schedule the appointment and I was given a window of 7 AM to 12 AM, but that they would do their best to be here before 11 AM if possible (I volunteer at a nearby National Park and my shift started at 12:30 PM). The crew was here at 7 AM sharp, were very friendly, took the time to listen to me and explain what they would do. They worked quickly and efficiently and the job was done in no time. They tested everything before they left. A very professional, responsive company I would recommend and use again.

April 2019 by Joan Ferraris

Billy McDonald is our salesperson. We installed two years ago and he is still totally reliable and responsive.

Exceeded other companies
July 2018 by Bevier in Alexandria, VA
I feel they exceeded from other companies by how they come out and show you how the systems works and walk you through the process step by step.
Done very expeditiously
July 2018 by D. Baird Falls Church, VA
They met or exceeded my expectations with their overall quality and the way the job was done with little or no disruption to the ground cover. They did not leave any undue seams in the ground. It was done very expeditiously.
It was all phenomenal
October 2017 by Gupta in Ashburn, VA
Hydro-Tech Irrigation exceeded my expectations because of the quality of the installation, how they solved problems, their customer service, and how they explained how the new system that they installed works. It was all phenomenal. They were amazing all of the way through. I am very happy.
Extremely responsive
October 2017 by Gupta in Ashburn, VA
We are very satisfied with the service we have received. Customer service is extremely responsive. We have recommended them to many of our neighbors who have used them.
Quick to do
October 2017 by Smith in Alexandria, VA
They were quick to do what I asked, great job!
An expert and a pro
September 2017 by Mapar in Reston, VA

Hydro-Tech installed a six-zone sprinkler system at our property. System was designed and installed by David Reese—an expert and a pro. He provided all the details and answered all my questions without any hesitation.

David’s crew showed up on time and knew exactly what to do. David supervised the whole installation and the crew cleaned everything upon completion. David set up the Rachio system, tested it several times, and adjusted a few things to my satisfaction. During the walk-through the next day Jason had to adjust a few other things and he completed the work professionally and exactly what I asked him to do.

The entire experience was A+: from David’s estimate, design, workmanship, walk-through, payment, scheduling, etc. The winterization scheduling also worked as promised. Overall—very happy with Hydro-Tech has been a good selection.

So Impressed, It's Perfect
July 2018 by Bevier in Alexandria, VA
I feel they exceeded from other companies by how they come out and show you how the systems works and walk you through the process step by step.
You Have Our Business Forever
August 17, 2016 by David F.

Thank you so much, your guys have done excellent work for us over the last year, you have our business forever and we continue to refer you. Thanks again for the super help.

Appreciation to Mr. Nicholas Greaver
August 9, 2016 by Douglas M.
I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Nicholas Greaver of your company for his efforts in finding a gremlin in my lawn irrigation system. My wife and I were gone…and when we returned…noticed a more than two-fold increase in my water bill. After checking all the obvious things like faucets left on or toilets running, I went outside and found water flowing at the corner of my house. Nick came this morning and I could tell he was puzzled for a moment because what he was seeing didn’t make sense. After running several checks, he found the culprit, a tiny rock blocking one of the valves. More than that, Nick was such a nice, polite young man and I know you get favorable comments about him, but I wanted to add to them.
Appreciate The Time
Aug 10, 2016 by Lisa R.
Jason was wonderful. He made adjustments that we hope will do the trick and also took the time to review other areas, specifically looking at the lawn and made some modifications we hope will help out some areas that are very brown grass. It has only been a week but so far seems all good. He did find a leak and that now seems fine. Please do pass on to him and also your management team how excellent he was and we appreciate the time he took to discuss and explain a few things to us!
Commitment to the Product
July 14, 2016 by Steve & Andrea
I wanted to let you know that Nick has just finished up at our home and did an excellent job. He was very professional , explained everything he was going to do and even made some recommendations on run times for our controller. Your commitment to the product and the quality of your folks is what has made us a loyal customer.
Outstanding Work
May 25, 2016 by Mike T.
Outstanding work! I had an irrigation system and landscape lighting installed last week. They were professional, very responsive and performed the entire installation in 1 day (7 zones on a half acre property). They use all copper on any water lines above ground with premium quality fixtures. The control systems use the latest technology and I can control everything from an app on my phone. I thought it was a very good value based on the quality of the equipment and the professionalism of the installation.
Wonderful and Personal Service
March 12, 2016 by Karen S.
I wanted to let you know what a great job Abel did this week in opening up our sprinkler system and taking care of a host of repairs. I was so glad that he had an assistant with him so that the repair work could be done at the same time as the spring service. Abel is always so knowledgeable and friendly…. Thank you again for your wonderful and personal service.
Great Service
Sep 25, 2014 by Tom & Sandy P.
We want to compliment Hydro-Tech for their service, which has always been excellent! We want to also provide “Brad” with highest compliments for his service recently. He was responsive and technically superb as he helped us with a few issues that were indeed perplexing–his diagnosis skills were great! He readily helped us and our neighbors on either side. Brad is definitely a keeper!
Wise Choice in Hydro-Tech
Mar 12, 2014 by Steven L.
This was my first sprinkler system, and had some concerns, but after speaking with the service Rep/Mr. Jeremy Space, he assured me I was getting a quality product & service (and he was right)!. His crew did an outstanding job on my property. They were on time and completed the job as Mr. Space said. Hydro-Tech did such a wonderful job, you could never tell I had workers, equipment and the activity on my yard after they left my (I was totally impressed). I made a wise choice and great investment using the skill of Hydro-Tech. I highly recommend their services!
Thanks Again!
Aug 12, 2013 by Cathy
I think Jaime is amazing. He immediately saw the mushy area but said there was double coverage on it. He turned off one head and said that will do it. He’s sure there’s no leak. It never occurred to me to look at too much coverage – I only look for too little coverage. He pointed out a few other places that get too much coverage as well. I’m going to ask for him for spring turn on so he can tweak it all. He has a really good eye not just for soaking plants but for considering splash from leaves etc. Thanks again for taking care of all. Good and Responsive Service
Good and Responsive Service
Aug 12, 2013 by Minh
Hi just came. Thank you! You guys are great. It’s wonderful to have such good and responsive service
Wonderful Service
Jun 06, 2013 by Susetha S.
Your team did a wonderful job. My sincere thanks to you for listening to the needs and providing the services the way we expect. We really appreciate your professional approach, which I am sure every customer you meet will be appreciative about.
Pleasant and Helpful!
Jun 06, 2013 by Boyd
Hi just came. Thank you! You guys are great. It’s wonderful to have such good and responsive service
Great Job
May 10, 2013 by Emory

Chris left about an hour ago. I just wanted to comment on his professionalism and expertise. He showed up on time and at the beginning of my 2-hour window. Since I raced home from Springfield, I need to change out of my work clothes.

By the time I walked outside 5-10 minutes later he had already diagnosed every minor issue that I had noted over the past couple of weeks.

He made the necessary adjustments to the heads, marked a couple to be moved, and provide a very thorough explanation of the control panel. Actually, I thought I was a wizard until he started to show me even more of its (system) programming capability.

Again, great job by the you (estimate), the crew, and Chris.

Have a great weekend!

Excellent Crew From Hydro-Tech
Jul 16, 2012 by Libby
The installation crew was excellent! They were very professional, worked hard, were very efficient, got the job done quickly, and cleaned up afterwards. I was very impressed by this company on how professional and friendly/polite everyone was from the installation crew to the system designers. It is nice to see. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend this company to my friends and family.
Hydro-Tech Irrigation is Professional and Polite
Jul 27, 2011 by J.F.
Hydro-Tech was recommended by my lawn service company. We walked the lawn, reviewed the work order and they started. About two hours later, he said they were finished. We walked the lawn again and he ran every zone, showing me every new head they put in or where they had just made adjustments. Consumers hear, and share, a lot of horror stories of service companies not showing up on time after the consumer has taken off work or made special arrangements. It was a pleasure dealing with a company that provided a great value; with a company whose personnel showed up exactly when they said they would; with a company whose service techs were neat, clean, professional and polite. Great job, Hydro-Tech! Thanks.
Great! No Complaints, Only Compliments
Jun 30, 2011 by J.M.
Great! No complaints, only compliments. We have a very complicated landscape design, both terraces, and hill planters. The irrigation system was installed in one day and works perfectly. The crew took care not to damage existing plantings and did a fine job of cleaning up after the project was completed. Originally, the project time was estimated at two days, but the crew worked diligently to complete the work in one day. All the men were courteous and worked well together. Then, five days later, a supervisor came out to the house and spent a good deal of time walking me through the system and teaching me how to use the mechanics. He spent at least an hour patiently explaining everything to me. As he left, he gave me a DVD and other paperwork to help me run the system. From the salesperson to the crew, to the supervisor, everyone was helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of system

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